David McLorren

Award winning Artist and producer! #iamReethym!

Based in Dallas Texas, Award winning Producer, Artist & Multi Instrumentalist David McLorren offers his unique brand of music. An infusion of Jazz, Reggae, R&B and world music to satisfy music taste buds. David has been in music industry since the early 90’s.with 4 solo albums the most recent released on October 14th 2014 called “Reesonz” We’ve brought another chapter to this musical journey chronicling why we do what we do through music. He has over the years produced and collaborated with several artists.. As a multi Instrumentalist, He plays Keyboards, Drums, Percussion & dabble with the Bass. He composes all his own music music which the occasional collaboration with artists from many genres . He also hones his sound engineer talents, as well as mix and master’s… Owner of Reethym® Productions which function as a production house & record label. “I love music and all things creative so I simply do what I love.. from cooking, photography and graphics… Life is short and limitations can be overcame… Just do it!!!” davidmclorren

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Reethym Is Who I am
Music is in my blood

It's not arrogance to strive for excellence! Quality is not an act, it's a habit.

The proof is in results.

Nothing easy is worth doing

It's a blessing and a privilege

to be a music creator and performer

a great man once said

"The time is always right to do what is right!" -Martin Luther King Jr.

my conclusions is thist

Sometimes you just keep going pure fumes to fuel your passion. It's no different with life. Refuse to quit! I've "Reesonz" and you do too!

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